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What makes The Aubrey Center so special? In a word, it's family. We treat our students and massage clients like family. We focus on your unique needs, give you the individual attention you deserve, and invest our time, energy, and expertise in ensuring that you are fully satisfied each and every time you visit us, whether you're a student in our classrooms or a massage client in our treatment rooms.

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Gina Danis

Owner, Instructor, Therapist

Learn why Gina started The Aubrey Center in 2005, how she's helped clients live pain-free over the past 17 years, and how her school can help you launch a rewarding career in massage therapy.

Adam Jellison

Instructor, Therapist

Learn why Adam joined The Aubrey Center, what it's meant for his career, and what he finds the most rewarding about his work as an instructor and massage therapist.