why we're unique


The Aubrey Center offers a completely unique approach to massage therapy. Most people will describe massage therapy as an alternative therapy that relaxes them, helps their circulation and releases muscular tension. While we would agree with this description somewhat, we also know that it is incomplete. It describes only some of the results of a massage session, but we would like you to know what goals and results regular clients of The Aubrey Center have come to expect.

We begin by taking a thorough medical history and review it while conducting an in-depth consultation so we can know what your needs, goals and expectations are. We have extensive training and experience in many advanced medical and orthopedic massage techniques, so whether you are here for help with stress and tension or need help with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation, we will always design the most effective treatment strategies and plans just for you. We know a lot of people are in pain, with issues they believe can't be helped or that only a doctor can help. Don't assume your problems are out of our scope of expertise. Ask us. Many times, a seemingly unresolvable issue can be easily treated. We tend to successfully take on issues that many professionals feel can't be helped.

We are dedicated to treating the body as a whole system, not individual muscles, for a more complete and permanent outcome. We assess posture, poor body mechanics, ergonomics, work habits, repetitive use tendencies, sleeping patterns and breathing styles so we have a thorough picture of when your problems began and why they're still around. Call us with questions or to discuss any concerns or issues you need help with. We just may have or be the answer.

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Gina Danis

Owner, Instructor, Therapist

Learn why Gina started The Aubrey Center in 2005, how she's helped clients live pain-free over the past 17 years, and how her school can help you launch a rewarding career in massage therapy.

Adam Jellison

Instructor, Therapist

Learn why Adam joined The Aubrey Center, what it's meant for his career, and what he finds the most rewarding about his work as an instructor and massage therapist.